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Copyright Issues

Updated 25 July 2004

Front-Load Information
There's a lot of writing here. I have this thing about explaining myself in the most verbose manner possible. This paragraph is a good example of that & I ain't even finished writing it yet!
   First off: Text on these pages not marked as a quote (or referenced as a citation) is mine.
   So it's Copyright 2004 Nils R. Bull Young.
   This means if you want to use it, tell me about it first. If you want to make money off what I have written, damn sure tell me first. Beyond that, it's just words, man.

Back-Load Information
I am famous for stealing HTML code where it looks like I can use it. But I usually change a helluvalot of it so it doesn't quite look the same or do the same job as it did when I first stole it from whoever. First sign of contention about my using someone's pages as a "spring-board" for this design, mine disappear. Simple as that.

Last But Not Least . . .
I'm a very easy person to find. You'd get that point if you look at all the personal info that I've put on this site. I mean, you can't come out of the closet on your disbelief without people starting to notice.
   "Hey there sailor!"
   So if you want to contact me, here it is:
   I am a constant mail checker. You write & put a subject in the header that says "I read your stinky website & it really pissed me off!" and I'll know it's for real. Don't contact me about Viagra. I'm 58. If I was that interested, I'd buy the stuff myself & you wouldn't have to advertise.

And finally . . .
Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoyed the cognitive tour.

Copyright 2004 Nils R. Bull Young