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Links to Family & Friends' Websites

Updated 25 July 2004

Ian Young's Page, which, since I have mentioned it, is worth checking out. It's the usual stuff in many ways: pictures, art, a copy of his resume. It's also interesting to me because it was the first truly home-brew home page that I came across, something that got me going on making up this iteration of what has become an on-going creative effort. Always something new going on. Check it out. And if you can talk him into going back and finishing off his college education -- even if you're not convinced he needs to yourself -- well, you'll have made a new friend.

This is Anders Young's site. You will notice a direct linear cognitive connection between this one and Ian's site listed above. Here you will find Anders' views on time, space, matter, energy, faith, wisdom, the taste of cheese, the number of pins you can stick into an angel before it screams in agony . . . or pleasure. Stuff like that. I have only had a small amount to do with this abject creativity and awareness. Sometimes you get lucky. The rest of the time you stand in awe.

My own "personal" site, with links to more boring philosophical hoo-hah than most people think they can get away with, coming from an uncompleted MA degree in English. Yeah, I know . . . but before you judge, go there & see for your-own-self!

Links to Friends' Pages . . .
Free Eastern Turkistan Homepage
Eastern Turkistan is the historical name for the area of China known as Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region. It comprises one-sixth of Chinese territory and is the home to 16 million people, most of whom are Uyghurs, a people of Altaic ancestry. The area has a long history of independence and self-rule. Click on the flag to find out more about Eastern Turkistan.

Steve Flora's homepage at Texas SMU is another proof that I've been following my friends around, even though I didn't know it. Steve & I served on the USS Saratoga together.

John Coughlin at Oakland University is one of those serendipitous discoveries. I was looking for the homepage of another sailor with whom I'd served on the USS Saratoga and found this page. 'Cept this John Coughlin is about as old as my oldest son. Survival by staying with the technology. 

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