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My Links to Radio Info, Programmes &c

Updated 25 July 2004

The Voice of America (VOA) site is probably about all that's left of the once well-known voice of US governmental propaganda and news. The transmitter site at Bethany, Ohio is dust and memories now. So if you're looking for the VOA program and broadcast sked, it's at this site.

HCJB is a long-time, well-known and respected Christian/religious broadcaster in Ecuador and administered from there and an office in the US. They have consistently provided clear news with a definitive Christian slant from a part of the world not known for journalistic or governmental integrity. And they broadcast info about the western side of the Cordillera. A good place to visit, even if you're just a visiting heathen.

Radio Australia Tok Pisin page is probably the only place on the Web where you'll find this creole/pidgin of English. Radio Australia has been doing this for years, and on a clear winter morning in the US midwest, you can pick up the tail end of their broadcasts meant for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region. Radio Australia welkam long yu biktaim, wantok!

Solar Science Site, part of the NASA/Very Large Array complex, with pictures of the sun in various wavelengths. Some of these shots are so remarkable as to make you really wonder how all this magic that leads to us being here happens. Sunglasses & sun-block not necessary. Perception of metaphors helpful.

Norwegian Telecommunications Museum with an English text page. It's got a history of telecommunications technology in Norway. Also links to other Scandinavian tech info sites.

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