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A Tiny Piece of My Reading List In addition, I could add the following & leave you to find 'em yourself:
Here's a very small part of my listening list:

I grew up when music came off vinyl disks a few half-dozen inches across. Somewhere along the line that system died out & now everything is on those damn computer CD thingies, which makes most of my old "records" obsolete. Übergehoben, as they say in German philosophical circles. And that, well, it makes listing the music I have had in my head all these years a bit difficult. But I'll try.
And these recordings in particular: . . . and a whole lot more that I just don't want to have to fiddle with remembering, researching, plowing through, keyboarding, and spell-checking. It's real simple: you listen to this stuff & then you can find out how it works on your own.

But you gotta have these too:
At which point, you're on your own.